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Human feelings NFT 

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Human feelings NFT 

The idea I wanted to see interpreted is human feelings like love, tenderness, warmth, empathy, trust, sympathy, pride, admiration, respect, freedom, love, sympathy, recognition, fascination, compassion, friendliness, openness, confidence, security, reliability, absorption, concentration, charm, interest, curiosity, involvement, excitement.

About the Artist
Alberto Monzo

My name is Alberto Monzo, I am 49 years old and I am from a small fishing town in Italy, which is called Vernazza. Even from a young age, I experienced the fear and alienation surrounding me, but I did not give it much publicity. At the age of 10, my father Flavio Manzoni began to instill in me a taste and interest in the art of painting. I was learning fast and my inner state progressed along with it, but I tried to keep everything secret and not show any signs.

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About NFT

Chapter 1

Unbearable insomnia, as strange as it may sound, but I went to bed and could not turn off my brain. The words enveloped my head, wrapped my thoughts in them, and, fusing with each other, entangled like ivy.

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